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Mission, Vision & Core Pillars

Our Vision

GLOWA envisages free and fair abuse sensitive communities where children live up to their full potentials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an adequate space for the active participation in counter trafficking drive in Cameroon and globally. By documenting and transforming survivor’s experiences into engagement tools, GLOWA is standing against child trafficking through education and training. This is transcribed in our mission statement:

Inform – Empower – Transform

Our Core Pillars


Survivor recovery requires more than just basic short term interventions. Even though food and shelter are necessary especially in the early days of rescue, a deeper level of care is essential for real change to happen and building trust. Unfortunately, this level of is under-funded and under-appreciated probably because it is difficult to generate indicators for achievement.


As survivors, we constitute a community of lived experience that has been emancipated to use our personal life experiences to provide meaningful support to potential victims, empowering them to recognize and manage recruitment scams as well as to identify and address the systemic causes that put people from our communities at risk. This local connection for ownership improves community participation.

Community Engagement

Outsmarting traffickers and empowering potential victims to recognize and manage trafficking recruitment scams is our major approach to reducing the number of children/youths falling victims to trafficking. Empowered survivors use their experience and stories for community service and give back something good to their communities. It equally contributes in challenging some of the myths against the smooth reintegration of sexually abused children and young women and enables us to address the rout causes of trafficking rather than the causes.

Economic Empowerment and Wealth Creation

Economic empowerment for wealth creation through skills training in sewing, embroidery, hairdressing and shoemaking contribute in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty the characterized the life of many survivors. It addresses secondary trafficking and protracted vulnerabilities that are primarily responsible for the continuous abuses of descendants of many survivors.

Other value chain activities for economic empowerment in the informal economy constitute our wealth creation.

Financial Education and Entrepreneurship

A Survivors Micro Credit Scheme works to close the funding gap created by mainstream microfinance policies and promotes the acquisition of financial management skills for effective growth. It is an opportunity for program participants to learn-by-doing.

Counseling Psychosocial Support and Referrals

Major activities for emotional stabilization include One-on-one and group support and trauma healing; social cohesion and mental health. Because no one service provider can do it all, referrals enables collaborative efforts in the best interest of program participants.


Survivors Academic Rescue Fund

A major driver of child sex and labour trafficking is the inability of children with limited parental care and others from very poor background to access formal education especially at post primary level. Our full and partial academic scholarships and support scheme is vital preventive measure on trafficking which is more cost effective than rehabilitating those who have been through abuses.  

This is done through partnership for support with educational institutions. Scholars have the opportunity to enroll and stay in school and study to achieve their dreams.

Transitional Shelter and Child Safe Space

In community and in-house transitional shelter for safety and emotional stability of rescued victims. Access to safe and adequate shelter is very vital in the early days of freedom for survivors. This can be so for up to six months after rescue. Transitional shelters ensure the safety and create an ideal environment for facilitating trauma healing and mental health of the survivor.


FollowCare and Community Engagement

A transitional separation support to program participants is provided through individual business planning, mobilization of investment capital and facilitating pro-bono mentorship by successful businessmen and women. This helps individuals who have experienced abuses and exploitation to overcome the challenges of breaking even in the informal sector in Cameroon.

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