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Global Welfare Association

"Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Sex and Labour Trafficking"

About Us

GLOWA is a child-focused not-for-profit non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that is dedicated to standing against the trafficking and exploitation of children in Cameron through education and training.

Set up by survivors for survivors, GLOWA draws from the experiences of its members to work in breaking the vicious cycle of child sex and labour trafficking by actively protecting present-day children from experiencing a childhood of abuse and exploitation. Our work aims to build abuse resistant communities and nurture a culture of respect for human rights, particularly those of children and women and fight against the systematic abuses faced by the most vulnerable.

At the core of our interventions is GLOWAHaus, which is our Healing and Empowerment Facility running modular recovery programs comprising of soft skills and hard skills for sustainable healing and economic empowerment. Transitional shelter support is offered through an integrated in-the-community program and longer-term plans for a dedicated facility. GLOWAHaus is designed to drive a critical shift in the mindset of Program Participants from victimhood and dependency to survival and independence.

A dedicated Counter-Trafficking Resource Centre serves as think-tank facilitating research, developing the insights and intelligence on trafficking in Cameroon and generating the data that informs and shapes GLOWA’s areas of activities. There is equally

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an adequate space for the active participation of survivors in the counter trafficking drive in Cameroon and globally. By documenting and transforming survivor’s experiences into engagement tools, GLOWA is standing against child trafficking through education and training. This is transcribed in our mission statement:

Inform – Empower – Transform

Our Vission

GLOWA envisages free and fair abuse sensitive communities where children live up to their full potentials.

Our Partners

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