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Our Approaches

Our Approaches

Our approach to counter child trafficking is survivor-driven, survivor-informed, locally-led and scalable. As a community of empowered survivors serving as frontline abortionist and drivers of social change, we engage grassroots communities in wealth creation and reshaping the systems that perpetuate vulnerability and abuse. Our healing and empowerment one-stop-facility – GLOWAHaus facilitates personalized long-term support to individuals who have experienced trafficking and related abuses through a coordinated series of interventions and vibrant FollowCare relationship that promotes individual and community resilience.


Modern slavery manifest itself in many forms. It has continued to evolve, aligning itself with every scientific breakthrough and calamities that befall humanity such as disasters, conflicts, epidemic and pandemics etc. Slavery therefore requires multiple interrelated actions to end it. It requires sustained education and involvement of multiple actors led by survivors to end slavery. This is a very long journey, which is not always easy to gauge progress. GLOWA has chosen to focus on long-term preventative action, which is a difficult area to measure.

Proving a negative is hard, and sometimes the seeds that you plant take generations to grow.  Despite the challenges, we know some of the things that make people vulnerable to slavery such as limited access to social protections, education and formal employment etc. and we are using them as key indicators for increased likelihood of exploitation. Measuring these indicators gives us a snapshot of our long-term impact. We can use these to focus our work.

For example, sharing information on recruitment scams with a potential victims or providing temporary accommodation or a meal(s) might not immediately prevent that person from exploitation, but it does increase his or her resilience, and so can reduce their vulnerability. Communities that are more interconnected are stronger and more likely to resist traffickers and exploiters. Local institutions and civil society, together with better links across groups, increase trust and decrease likelihood of exploitation in the long run.

GLOWA is constantly working with its frontline abolitionist to improve our understanding of vulnerabilities and increase the effectiveness of our measurement. By training and engaging our frontline campaigners in monitoring, evaluation and learning, we gain more and more understanding of vulnerable communities. Combining this field knowledge with academic studies allows us to measure with confidence increases in resilience among the most vulnerable communities.  

Ours might not be a perfect measure, but it is a very good one. It does allow us to say with confidence that we are changing lives. In time we will be able to demonstrate that prevention work in vulnerable communities will reduces slavery prevalence. Our academic partnerships also enable us to explore the distinctive character of working on the frontline and what makes it more effective. This is helping us fulfill our mission to inform, empower and transform survivors into frontline counter trafficking actors.

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